Our Mission

The mission of G.O.A.L (Girls and Guys Organized for Anointed Living, Inc) is to equip young ladies and gentlemen for spiritual, social, cultural and personal growth. We provide tools for young ladies and gentlemen to flourish in each season of life through meaningful mentorship, exposure to the arts, other cultures and ongoing educational opportunities. We host community outreach activities to foster civic and moral responsibility both locally and nationally. Girls & Guys Organized for Anointed Living empower both males and females to develop their communities and become positive role models in due season.

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Radiant Pearl Benefit-The Fearless Creator Summit

Youth in the Arts, A Music and Creative Talent showcase featuring rising artists, poets, authors, podcasters, YouTubers and video creators.

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Caroling Tour

Tour and Christmas carol with us in the winter!

Vision Board Party

Stay tuned for more details on our Vision Board Party.

Radiant Tour

If you are interested in hosting a session in your city to benefit your Anointed Constituents, contact us today! Tour dates and cities will be posted as requested and scheduled.

Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Hi my name is Orelia Brown, and I attended a tea ball hosted by G.O.A.L. I have never attended anything like it. It was very elegant and well organized for all ages, yet it was still about serving God. It was an awesome first time experience for me. I was also able to attend today's Father's Day program (6/16/12). I had a beautiful time with them and rejoicing at the same time as they cared for and shared for others at the nursing home. Being apart of this organization has really blessed my life.If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Orelia Gordon B., Volunteer

GOALS is an excellent organization that helps to mentor and develop our youth during their seasons of life. I am very impressed at the various programs that has been featured so far such as the tea parties , the community sewing classes and the musical involvements in the arts. These girls and guys are so talented and i am very pleased to be a part of the mentorship in the lives of these youths. Their artistic talents are great roadways to bigger things .May the mission of GOALS prevail in making the lives of these youths more and more meaningful.

Maxine S.


We love to create tributes to our sponsors & supporters as we receive permission to place their names or logos on this site.

Our boys and girls in the community are grateful.

We honor you because your donations make all the difference! To Become a SPONSOR and receive a copy of our sponsorship-scholarship packet please contact us today at giving@anointedliving.org

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