G.O.A.L. Summer Reading Tour

EC Summer Reading Tour Orientation Recap #Radiantpip14

We spoke about three challenges from the three chapters we read in Pearls of the Earth:

1. Find a friend or someone you know who tends to be pessimistic and share with them the “Shake it off” concept, encourage ways they can look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

2. Are there any friends you can call to remind them of their value?  Build a friend’s self-esteem in some way, pay a complement, find something to praise about them, dig deep and recommend them to read the scripture, Psalm 139:14 with you (Remind that person that they are fearfully and wonderfully made).

3. Plant a garden, start with one seed and one plant that will blossom into something beautiful. With tender loving care and time, you should see your plant grow as you grow in the Word of the Lord, spending time in devotion through reading…

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