Radiant Benefit Gala

Radiant Benefit Dinner Gala & Creative Awards Ceremony

Enjoy amazing Christian Contemporary music from rising new artists, touring groups and more. The main purpose of our Radiant Pearl Benefit is to inspire, encourage and uplift our program participants, young scholars and mentor circle to be the Radiant Pearl they were destined to be. To motivate them to walk in purpose and receive guidance while recognizing they can live to their full potential while reaching back to give a helping hand as Christ would do when He walked among men. As His hands and feet, we want to give you the opportunity to play a major part in contributing to the scholarship awards that will be awarded at this momentous and grand occasion.

Youth in the Arts, Music and Service benefit banquet Gala featuring rising artists, worship leaders, authors, entrepreneurs that is scheduled to take place

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Email: info@anointedliving.org for more information

Purposes & Audience

We will honor a person of significance who has contributed to the Arts in our community.

Also, nominations are encouraged from those who would like to recognize youth and students who have made contributions to the arts and through their service.

Nominations from schools, churches and other organization will be solicited and given a copy of flyer with letter and details. We anticipate impacting the lives of more high schoolers and youth in our community through our "Youth in the  Arts, Music and Service" Radiant benefit banquet Gala on Saturday, August 17, 2019.

It is our sincere desire to raise funds towards the foreign exchange opportunities for local students and families and recognize host families and those interested in being host families to foreign exchange students.  We plan to award students nominated in the cities we serve and recognize the youth for their dedication to the arts and service. However, we need your help to make this community building endeavor a success as we fundraise and empower today and tomorrow’s leader together.  More information provided in our Scholarship and Sponsorship package.

2. Nominate A Radiant Pearl Nominee from the Community

Please submit your nominations here: http://bit.ly/BenefitScholarshipNomination

3. Host Family Student Service Scholarship

Please Stay tuned for Bios and Photos of our featured artists, Radiant Pearl ladies and more...

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08/17/19 GALA Flyer front
08/17/19 GALA Flyer back