How To Save And Prevent Anxiety Before Summer

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This time has definitely thrown most of us for a loop, but one way or another, summer is coming sooner rather than later and we should all prepare – as families. Summer, for a lot of us, means that we do not have to do more school work online from the comfort of our homes. This idea used to sound amazing for kids, but now that people are actually currently living in it and experiencing what all comes from doing school from home, they are ready for it to be over. Are you with me!? So, I don’t know about you specifically, but I know that most, if not all of us are ready for the summer heat to arrive.

With the summer months, also comes more expenses, however, which is not so friendly on your wallet…especially right now when a lot of us are struggling for every penny that we can scramble up. Because of that, I want to help you all out. Here are a few creative ways to save and prepare for summer expenses –

Prepare Your Tax Documents Early

Yes, I do know that the tax extension got pushed back to July 15th, but prepare your tax documents and get them in early. Why? I say this for a few different reasons. First of all, many of you will receive a refund and if you are struggling for money right now due to unemployment or your work just coming in a lot slower right now, this could be majorly handy to help get you by. If you are doing okay, but still need another way to save extra for summer, the refund could be used towards some of your summer expenses. Another reason why you will want to prepare your tax documents early is because your CPA will thank you tremendously. If you didn’t know, there is another tax deadline September 15th, so with April 15th being pushed back to July 15th, it really does not give them much downtime whatsoever. Please, thank your CPA next time you see them because they are working hard right now and all throughout this next year, as well.

Quarantine With Your Family

Quarantining with your family will not only help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but it will also help you save some money. Realistically, when you are stuck at home (if you stay away from online shopping), you really only need to spend money on essentials such as groceries and other household items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, dog food, and more. What you are not spending, you can be saving for the summer months that are coming up. It’s really a win-win: protect yourself and your neighbors + save for summer!

Take Graduation Photos Yourself

This might be a bummer to some, but take your graduation photos yourself (if this applies to you, of course!). Again, this is a great way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so you can knock out a few birds with one stone. The great thing about doing your own graduation photos is that you won’t have a set hour limit with a photographer. You can take all the time you need and do as many outfit changes as you’d like! The going rate for photography is about $300/hour (at minimum) and that will go a decent way in the summer!

Things You Don’t Need Could Be Another Man’s Treasure

While you are home quarantining, declutter your home. What you find, that you do not need, could be another man’s treasure…and you can make money from said items! For example, if you have valuables around your home that you do not need, consider selling them. Chapes-JPL says, “we buy jewelry Atlanta!” Since 1980, Chapes-JPL has been buying jewelry and providing asset loans in exchange for jewelry and other valuables, as well. You can make extra money in three easy steps: call for a quote, schedule your private + confidential appointment, and get your cash fast! Easy peasy. Chapes-JPL pays more than their competitors and works out of private financial offices in Buckhead so that you feel comfortable. If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash for summer, check out Chapes-JPL and see what you sell to them, or get a collateral loan with.

Plan Your Travels Now

Travel deals are absolutely amazing right now, so if you have any places you have been wanting to visit, check into booking right now. Of course, you do run the risk of not being able to go depending on when this virus clears up (and as Dr. Fauci said, the virus creates the timeline, we do not). But, if you do have travel plans for this summer, check out the current travel deals because you can definitely save quite a bit.

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